Why Do Wicketkeepers Wear Gloves?

wicket keeping gloves

Gloves are required for batsmen and wicket keepers to wear while playing cricket. Batsmen wear heavily padded gloves on the outside of their hands to protect them while holding a cricket bat. Wicket-keeping gloves are still padded but have webbing between the thumb and index finger to help catch the ball.

Wicket keeping necessitates exceptional skills and precise movements. Aside from these, wicket keeping gloves have a significant impact on your performance on the field. Suitable cricket wicket gloves give you the control and grip you need to catch balls that you can get only at Cricket Mega Mart.

How to select suitable cricket batting gloves?

  • Select a brand

We frequently choose the brand used by our favorite player. However, there is no difference between top brands nowadays in terms of comfort and protection. As a result, manufacturers are less critical because they all provide the same quality, so choose any branded company (not any local company) and follow the steps below. Then, you’ll have the ideal batting gloves.

  • Are you right or left-handed?

The first step in purchasing the perfect gear is determining your preferred side and selecting gloves accordingly. Unfortunately, people frequently become perplexed and buy unsuitable cricket batting gloves. Gloves are typically labelled RH for the right-hand batsman and LH for the left-hand batsman. Alternatively, look for the bug thumb, which will be on the right-hand side for right-handers and the left-hand side for left-handers.

  • Choose the appropriate size

Imagine wearing cricket batting gloves that are too small, then trying to grip the bat and hit a bunch of shots. It sounds like a nightmare. Wearing gloves that are too big will be like a nightmare come true.

As a result, the most important consideration when purchasing a new pair of cricket batting gloves is size. Oversized or undersized gloves will make you feel uneasy while batting, making it difficult to concentrate. And batting requires a high level of concentration. Remember to measure your hand from the wrist to the tip of your middle finger.

  • Choose the appropriate type

Batting gloves are typically sold in two styles: sausage-finger and split-finger.

Split-finger gloves are typically worn by batsmen who prefer to play shots with their wrists. In other words, split-finger gloves are ideal for wristy players because they offer a wide range of flexibility and ease of movement when shooting shots. However, players must use their wrists to play spinners better.

Sausage gloves are ideal for bouncy pitches or pitches with a higher bounce, such as those found on the Australian continent. Because fingers are the most vulnerable part of the body on bouncy pitches, sausage gloves have an extra layer of protection.

Following the preceding steps, the only thing left to decide is how much you are willing to pay for gloves. Once that is completed, you are ready to purchase a new pair of cricket batting gloves.

How to pick the suitable wicket keeping gloves?

Remember the accompanying things before purchasing wicket keeping gloves.

  • Measuring

Size is the principal thing that you ought to check while purchasing wicket keeping gloves. Remember, whether a particular size of a specific brand fits you impeccably doesn’t mean a similar size of another brand will serve you. Like some other items, the size of wicket keeping gloves fluctuates with the brand.

As a rule, individuals frequently succumb to this confusion and pick an item founded on its fabricated material. Moreover, gloves are either small or large when they attempt the gloves.

Like batting gloves, measure the size of your wrist to the tip of your center finger. When you know your size, you are prepared to investigate the universe of wicket-keeping gloves.

  • Pick a wicket-keeping glove’s material

You will go over various materials while purchasing wicket-keeping gloves. While excellent materials will be milder, offering greater adaptability, insurance, and solace, inferior quality ones will make you defenceless to wounds.

Never think twice about the quality. Not just the quality affects your capacity to take gets; however, it will be the contrast between a few light swelling and broken fingers.

You will see that practically all assortments of wicket keeping gloves are made with various types of cowhide since calfskin gloves are sturdy and adaptable. In addition, they offer considerably more strength and can be utilized substantially more thoroughly.

Wicket keeping gloves are additionally made with cotton. So before choosing explicit cowhide or other material, you ought to comprehend what it offers.

How to take good care of your cricket gloves?

Considering your cricket gear is highly critical, assuming you need them to endure longer. Indeed, even the most imperative cricketers despise switching their gear a ton because finding the ideal hardware is troublesome. Furthermore, you need your gloves to endure longer for a similar explanation.

Special Tip: It is essential not to put your gloves straightforwardly into the unit pack after the game since they can get drenched during the match, even when wearing inners. What’s more, on the off chance that the wet gloves are set straightforwardly into the pack, it can harm the cowhide of the gloves.

Keeping your gloves dry is fundamental, yet keeping them clean is urgent for a more extended life range. The gloves can turn into a good place for soil that, when left inconspicuous for a drawn-out period, can cause erosion against the batting grasp. In this way, cleaning them consistently or two is vital.

To clean your gloves, try not to involve water and oil-based cleaning agents as they can unfavorably influence the calfskin. Instead, utilize a dry cowhide brush to eliminate the soil, or you can use a dry fabric to clean the noticeable external dirt.

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